Meetings / Events

Today business trade organizations must continue to reach out to its members and provide exceptional benefits, value, leadership and resources.  This includes a commitment to ongoing visioning and strategic planning. Landmark Business Services partners with these organizations to provide the support and expertise to implement solutions and growth.  Our team works closely with each organizations Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Teams to manage their governance policies, financial health, strategic marketing and branding, as well as implementing the innovation and organizational tools to keep the growth of the organization moving forward.

Landmark Business Services works hard to stay ahead of the issues and challenges impacting each individual trade association we manage.  Utilizing up-to-date technology, promoting industry public relations, and acquiring current trends in the business, is what makes our leadership team passionate about managing trade organizations.

We assist our trade organizations with:

  • Educational Forums / Meetings
  • Trade Shows
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Industry Relations
  • Conferences
  • Certificate Programs
  • Online Seminars
  • Recognition Assemblies
  • Membership Services & Communications
  • Publications
  • Financial Management
  • Vision Planning
  • Transitional Planning